MEDUSA SOURCE creating the supply chain for the future.
We support sustainability for Responsible Production

Our sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations.

We believe in five strong suits of sustainability cycle.

i) Environmental protection which is done by reduction in power consumption, using renewable energies to generate it, implement water harvesting techniques, use eco-friendly or organic dyes & recycle products.

ii) Economical development is promoted by providing financial security, fare wages & by practicing right code of conduct.

iii) Social well being is implemented thru Gender equality, maintaining Health & Safety standards, proper working hours, education for the families and workers.

iv) Traceability is achieved by creating systems that have records which are used to track a product's development at all levels, in the production cycle. Seamless Cloud based systems are used by us to track this information.

v) Transparency is shown through achiving factory compliances, & strong certification programs, which monitor the whole chain. Accessibility of information at all levels, ensure transparent sustainable operations.


Lets us all join hands to create scalability & sustainability; together.

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