Who We Are

Medusa Source is a product sourcing company that has unleashed a new phase through a proven methodology and stringent quality control. With 4 decades of experience in the home furnishing industry, we have ventured into this new business vertical of Fashionable Wear, following the footsteps of success. Unmatched capability has made us the first choice of prominent brands across the globe. Our clients rely on us to keep supply lines going and to propel their growth as well as profits. The clientele is enriched with some of the top brands in the Northern American Continent, in Europe, in Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia.

At Medusa Source, professional qualifications and unparalleled expertise blend together to deliver excellence for our esteemed clients. We value each and every element in the supply chain creating a constructive conduit with gains for all.

Supply Chain Innovation

Medusa Source follows some of the best modern supply side practices with added refinements based on our experience in this segment. Our service is not merely as a sourcing agent but extends beyond to innovation in this field that will help to speed up operations and bring products to market faster to take advantage of trends. At the same time we are constantly innovating to reduce costs that will make our clients more competitive.

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