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Market Information

Our experts carry out research and compile information from analyzed data to give clients a true picture of market conditions in order to help them take an informed decision.

Technical Research

Products are made up of components, each one made from a different material with certain properties. Suppliers may often make claims that cannot be substantiated and taking them on trust can be risky. Our team carries out technical research into products and also into manufacturing processes.


Research & Development is crucial to ensure ongoing improvements at all levels as well as consistency in quality and cost reductions. Our team of specialists works in collaboration with R&D labs to implement R&D on behalf of our clients. Our R&D is also crucial to help clients remain competitive and on top in the time to come.

Design assistance

Customer tastes change all the time, dictated by trends as well as their preferences. Our design assistance helps not only our clients to anticipate such trends but also helps our vendors in that they can come up with dazzling new styles of apparel. Our design assistance, in another context, also provides vendors with designing various manufacturing process models to increase throughput, reduce labour and costs and to optimize material use.

Supplier identification

There are literally thousands of suppliers in the apparel segment, working on contract or on other terms. We carry out supplier identification on behalf of our clients based on various parameters such as manufacturing capacity, equipments installed, ethics standards, personnel, infrastructure and financial capability among other things.

Assisting product development

We help vendors with development of sample by giving them clear guidelines so that they can come up with a product that will satisfy stringent requirements of our client. We help clients take advantage of demand in the market and also create demand by offering and assisting with sample development.

Merchandising and production follow-ups

Once regular production is established, our team takes on the task of merchandising and production follow ups.

Social and ethical compliance audits

We are unwavering when it comes to selecting vendors who comply with latest guidelines and regulations pertaining to ethics, environment and social regulations. As part of our concerns, we carry out regular audits and provide certificate to our vendors in case such documentation is needed by authorities.

Quality control

Our clients repose full trust in us to implement the quality controls we define on paper. Our team of quality control inspectors is on site at the vendor’s premises at regular intervals to check raw materials, check processes as they are implemented, take samples from production for tests and also test finished products for physical parameters like stitches, precision in sizes, shrinkage after washing, color fastness and other details.

Shipping consolidations

Our logistics wing focuses on shipment consolidations and liaise with various shipping companies, our clients and our vendors to reduce cost of shipping, deliver on time and ensure safety and security of the goods.

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