Attending fashion weeks across the globe back to back can really become hectic and once can drain all energies by the time you get to the last one. However, the senior management of Medusa Source did just that by attending the BIG 4 fashion weeks last month. From the avenues of lively New York City, to the streets of classic London, Via of stylish Milan and arrondissement of exotic Paris, all were covered.

The events were buzzing and the designers were rolling. The gatherings were of course the press, the bloggers, the influencers and media groups, waiting to pounce on any glorious shot or information they can get their hands on.

Whether it was the classy show by Noon by Noor, the famous Fashion for Peace by Sadhguru/Sabhyasachi team, creative show by Byblos, or the electrifying Elisabetta Franchi runway event. Each show was a great learning as well. These shows are a great platform for networking getting to know the major league of international fashion fraternity.

Some of the major observance across all shows was a common focus area, Sustainable Fashion! Its been the most talked about subject and sustainability in fashion is the next need of the hour. All fashion-governing bodies are fully concentrated to implement and spread sustainable products made of natural and organic materials, by adopting environmental friendly processes.

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