Many blogs, articles, phrases and news have been written about this ever-conversant topic. With the growing concern for environmental protection and its social and eco impact, new and buzzing designers across the world are proactively considering “Sustainability” into their product lines.

We at Medusa Source, with a renowned client base from the fashion industry, and a reliable quality driven vendor base, would second this great initiative any time of the day. We are a responsible company supporting and educating our vast vendor network about sustainable fashion & its benefits time & again. Though there is still a lot of groundwork to be done to implement and control sustainable manufacturing processes at various levels in the chain, but a lot is on track. Stringent Compliances and process monitoring would achieve desired results at manufacturing stages.

Using organic dyes, to less usage of water, to using organic cotton & recycled manmade fibers, a large gamut of brands, designers and producers worldwide are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint.

Popular fashion houses, media agencies, and councils are promoting “sustainable fashion” with complete aggression.

It would be safe to say, sustainable products are here to stay this time, in spite being introduced almost seven decades ago. The least we can do as consumers is to buy consciously and wear fashionably!

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